Spreading art and joy in colorful ways is my passion!

About Me

Glass Art by Alicia

As a fused glass artist, my interests are split between functional work, glass art and jewelry. I use the heat of the kiln to form my glass, varying temperatures, types of glass and firing times to produce different effects. I have taken classes from fantastic glass instructors and have enjoyed watching my art grow and evolve. I have worked with glass for over 11 years and loved every minute.

Every piece of my artwork has a story that represents nature, an emotion, an exploration of colors and patterns, or my own vision. Pieces can evoke a sense of tranquility or strong movement and everything in between. It brings me great joy to create art that carries a special meaning, emotion or memory for my customers.1

HappyJoy Rocks

Another passion of mine is creating and sharing Kindness Rocks. I take landscaping rocks and paint them with encouraging messages and silly designs. I do this with the goal of bringing joy to someone else, making someone smile, spreading positivity and connecting our community.  With such a small gesture, it can be a wonderful surprise to those that find them.

Whether you are here because you enjoy my glass work or you appreciate my kindness rocks, welcome!