Spreading Kindness & Joy One Rock at a Time

How Can I Get Started?

I would LOVE for you to join me! Here is some information to help you get started.  Listed below are the general steps to painting kindness rocks and the basic supplies you will need. Step 4 is very important for rocks that will be hidden outside, to help it last through sun and rain. Check out the recommended product list on this next page!! 
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Section 1 - Painted Kindness Rocks Steps
Section 2 - Painted Kindness Rocks Steps

Where Should I Hide My Rocks?

Leave your painted rocks in places with enough foot traffic that someone will find them.  Leave them on a bench in your town, in a park,  outside your favorite store, on a picnic table at a playground, outside a community center or take a couple on your next road trip! There are many places to hide them, however, please be considerate when choosing your location. Please do not leave them in the grass where they could cause damage to a lawn mower, or inside a business that does not give permission. You don’t have to hide your kindness rocks; you could gift them them to friends, teachers, frontline workers, family, coworkers or create them as party favors!

What Should I Do If I Find a Kindness Rock?

If you found a kindness rock, congratulations! First, enjoy the message or design and know that someone intended to brighten your day with this random act of kindness. 

Next, if you would like to, share the love. There may be a label on the bottom of the rock that shares where that rock came from, or a local rock group you could join and share where you found it. Share a picture of the rock you found on social media so people can follow the journey of that rock. One of my painted rocks made it all the way to a national park in Africa!!

Lastly, brighten someone else’s day by hiding the rock in a new place for someone else to find.  Pay it forward! On the other hand, if that rock has special meaning for you and you would like to keep it, paint another kindness rock and hide it in its place. 

But, I'm not an artist!!!!

You don’t have to be! Check out the quick video below with my thoughts on that. 

What Will I Need?

Listed below are some basic supplies you will need to get started painting your own kindness rocks. 

If you would like specific recommendations to products I use and love, check out my page dedicated to supplies! I include links and products that I personally use and recommend. I’m here to help!

If you would like more information and tips on HOW to do the steps listed above, you may be interested in my eBook that walks you through it all! Information on each step, all in one place based on my experience over the years. Click the button below to check out the eBook!

Let’s spread kindness and positivity together!