Beach Moonlight Fused Glass Pendant


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Beautiful beach moonlight captured in fused glass. Wear or gift this one of a kind fused glass pendant that captures the beauty of moonlight on the beach. Handcrafted in my studio with several layers of glass, many firings in the kiln, and great care taken to shape and smooth out each piece; this is truly a one of a kind piece of art. The layers create a 3D effect giving it wonderful depth. The silver luster has been added to bring the moonlight to life with a wonderful shimmer.

This pendant is attached to a silver plated bail.

This pendant is a labor of love as it requires 4-5 kiln firings, hand shaping on the saw, and grinding to shape. It takes over a week to make and no two are alike. For this reason as well as the eye-catching beauty, it will make an excellent statement piece!

.5 x 2.125 inches

Please note: Glass is hard to photograph due to its transparency and reflections but I do my best to capture and describe the amazing colors and shine.