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Double Wave Art Glass Panel Curved Glass Sculpture – Poppy Beach


Poppy beach – Curved free-standing glass art panel

Who hasn’t thought, on a busy day, that they just want to go to the beach, sit on the sand, paddle along the water’s edge, and just breathe in the ocean air to calm themselves? This free standing curved panel is inspired by just this thought. It’s perfect for reminding you of trips to the coast, lakeside or seaside views. Display it in a window sill, and let the light shine through, or place on a fireplace mantle or shelf, perhaps back lit by a small candle or fairy lights. Hopefully this brings you (or your recipient) peace and wonderful memories of sandy toes, windswept hair and laughter. This was inspired by the breathtaking beauty on my beach vacations.

This glass panel was created by fusing multiple layers of glass including glass frit (crushed glass), at high temperatures in a kiln. It was then fired on a curve mold to get the curved shape which allows it to stand on its own without needing an additional stand. I chose a firing schedule that still left some texture to the glass which gives it more depth and interest.  Brighten up your living space with this glass piece or gift to someone special. This is truly a one of a kind piece of art.

Double Wave Panel: 3.5″ high x  10.25″ wide