Glass Stainless Steel Bottle Stopper (Fall Colors)


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Beautiful fall color sprinkle designs makes this unique wine stopper a spectacular piece of modern barware. This is definitely a statement piece and conversation starter!

I create my one-of-a-kind glass art by combining several layers of hand cut glass and in this case, glass flowers, which are then kiln fired using temperatures reaching upwards of 1500 degrees and then cooled slowly (annealed) for added durability.

Beautiful Art to display with a Functional Purpose too!!
This unique fused glass bottle topper is freestanding so you can display it or gift it without the need for a stand. This bottle stopper is artwork on display in or out of the bottle and also functional in preserving the contents of the bottle. It adds beauty to the bottle while keeping its contents fresh. The stainless steel stopper bases are manufactured in the USA. The rubber O-Ring placement is designed to fit various sizes of bottle openings snugly to form a tight seal. The fused glass art is adhered to the stopper top with industrial strength adhesive and will stay in place with normal use. The stopper base is FDA and Winery approved.

This bottle stopper makes a unique gift of art for wine lovers, cooks, hostesses, teachers, neighbors, hosts, co-workers, friends, family, bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Hand wash only.