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Ocean Wave, Glass Art in Metal Display Stand, Medium


Beautiful Ocean Wave Fused Glass Art

Dreaming of a sunny day at the beach? I’ve always been mesmerized and awed by waves. From the gentle lapping waves of a lake, to the wild, crashing waves of the sea. The size, shape, and colors of the waves seem to be infinite. I’ve tried to capture the nature of the wave here, in glass. My wave sculpture depicts a crashing ocean wave in blue , turquoise, aqua, clear and white glass. The colors fade from intense blue to turquoise to aqua, with the clear and white foam at the crest. This beautiful glass wave will evoke a feeling of tranquility, yet with the energy of a crashing wave.

Each wave has many pieces of hand cut glass, each carefully arranged to give you the feeling of the flow and movement of water, so you could almost feel the splashing ocean water and smell it in the air.

This gorgeous glass wave looks amazing on any tabletop or shelf but is especially stunning on a window sill or near natural light where the light can shine through the transparency of the different colored glass. It also looks amazing in any room with a small tea light candle lit behind the piece of glass bringing tranquil blue light to any space.

Glass wave is 8 inches in diameter. It is 12 inches tall in the stand, which is included.

This one of a kind glass wave will capture the light and add color to your home. It would be a wonderful one-of-a-kind piece of art for home décor or gift! Hopefully this brings you (or your recipient) peace and wonderful memories of sandy toes, windswept hair and the crisp blue waters of our earth.

This is truly a one of a kind piece of art.