Small Tree Art Glass Panel Curved Candle Screen – SnowyTrees


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This decorative glass art panel features a blue skyline with snowy trees. The glass allows light through to highlight the scene. This would make a wonderful centerpiece or on a mantle as a candle screen. Add small candles or fairy lights behind it if you want to see the flickering light highlight your glass at night. This glass panel was created by fusing multiple layers of glass including glass frit (crushed glass) and enamel paint, at high temperatures in a kiln. It was then fired on a curve mold to get the curved shape which allows it to stand on its own without needing an additional stand. I chose a firing schedule that still left some texture to the glass which gives it more depth and interest.  Brighten up your living space with this glass piece or gift to someone special. This is truly a one of a kind piece of art.

Small Sized Panel: 5.75″ high x  5″ wide