Woven Fused Glass Framed Art, Glass Art Weave, Unraveling


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Unraveling – A glass art piece that acknowledges the sometimes delicate weaving and unraveling we experience in our emotions and mental health.

Weaving glass starts with cutting strips of glass in various colors, then a portion of the strips are formed into shapes that are then used to weave into a pattern. Strips of beautiful glass were hand cut, woven and fused together to create this bright and cheerful art piece. The piece has been kiln formed to resemble woven cloth which required multiple firings to create the final design. I chose firing schedules that left some texture for visual interest.

This has been offset with acrylic mounts affixed to the back and mounted in a frame. and it has the effect of floating in front of the frame. This gives it more depth and interest.

This framed glass weave is roughly 7.5 x 7.5” and is mounted in a 10.5 x 10.5” black frame. Weave is raised off the frame by approximately 1.2″